Top Lakes In Houston, TX 77375

Lakes provide a good ecological balance in nature. They are vast spaces of land that are developed by government and private officials. Lakes have become hot spots for tourists throughout the world. With different activities taking place at different times of the year, these lakes have gained massive attention over the last few years. Some of the top lakes in Houston include:

Lake Elridge

This is a beautiful lake in Houston. The place is huge and has a property on the shore overlooking the lake. The Lake Elridge property is one of the finest custom houses in Houston. This lake has many water sport activities at different times of the year. You can see a large variety of migratory birds visiting the place during different seasons. The place is calm and has a nice vibe to it. 

Lake Houston

Lake Houston is a large reservoir built on the Jacinto river, which is a few miles away from downtown Houston. With an area of 50 kilometers square, this lake is huge and is a great attraction for the tourists. The place has boating activities throughout the year. It has a calm and peaceful surrounding and makes for a great weekend getaway with family and friends. 

          Sheldon Lake

With an area of 1230 acres, Sheldon lake is a reservoir on the Jacinto river basin located a few miles northeast of downtown Houston. It was created in the year 1943 and is massive with gardens and parks on the bank. The place is filled with tourists and residents at different times of the year with continuous activity.

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